Monday, July 7, 2008

Blog from Studio on Nokia N800

Earlier this year, I bought a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, a blue tooth keyboard and unlimited data on my ATT blue tooth phone. I have been using this setup to check email, browse and other things. This is the first time I have posted to my blog with this setup. First, I took pictures with my Samsung Digimax D53 and moved the SD memory card to the Nokia N800. Now I am posting the new picture of the painting I finished yesterday.

This is a 16¨ x 20¨ oil painting on canvas board of a photo I took last summer of Inn St Gemme Beauvais´ front porch in the afternoon sun. In February of this year, the Inn suffered a devastating electrical fire. It sits across the street from Studio de Michel with all of its windows boarded and construction guys going in and out. The owners told me that the Inn will reopen next year.

Meanwhile, enjoy the memory from last summer. The painting is priced at $225.


merryangela said...

I love the color and perspective of this painting. The cool thing about the studio, as an observer, is being able to see the progression of your work. There is a greater appreciation for the art when you see how it looks at different stages and then see the finished product.

Matthew Fels said...

Great Painting!